Last updated: 8-Sep-2016

A tool to find principal pathways in plasma chemical models


The most current version of PumpKin (versions 1.1 and higher) is coming with a native support of ZDPlasKin and Global_Kin modeling platforms.

ZDPlasKin Examples

PumpKin is distributed with two sets of input files, which are outputs of ZDPlasKin:



Both examples are the outputs of the zero-dimensional plasma kinetic solver ZDPlasKin. We use a zero-dimensional model to describe the dynamics of species under a constant electric field. The following system of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) is used to describe the interaction between the species d[n_i]/ dt = S_i, where the source term S_i is the total production and destruction rate of species i in various processes. The adapted version of the kinetic file for N2-O2 mixtures (dry air) from ZDPlasKin is used, which consists of 650 reactions and 53 species. A complete list of plasma chemical precesses in N2-O2 mixtures is taken mainly from the book M. Capitelli, C.M. Ferreira, B.F. Gordiets and A.I. Osipov "Plasma Kinetics in Atmospheric Gases" (2000) Springer is available. Transport parameters and constant rates for electron-neutral interactions are calculated using the BOLSIG+ solver built-in into the ZDPlasKin. As initial value of the electron density we use n_e(0) = 4.0e13 cm^-3.

Global_Kin Examples

Available soon.

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