Last updated: 8-Sep-2016

A tool to find principal pathways in plasma chemical models


Current Version

We have tested PumpKin on Mac OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows. Click here to download the latest version of the package. The  installation instructions and how to use can be found in our user manual.

Release Notes

    Version 1.5    18 Dec. 2015 [download]

• Minor fixes in documentaion.

    Version 1.4    10 May 2015 [download]

• Added a feature allowing user to run PumpKin only once and see the pathway analysis for various species at once. For large chemistry system this will save significant amount of time. This feature is documented in user manual, section 3.2.

• Added more informative input file checks.

    Version 1.3.2    9 May 2015 [download]

• Minor changes

    Version 1.3.1    29 Apr. 2015 [download]

• Various loops are optimized

• Fixed Global_kin compatibility

    Version 1.3    26 Feb. 2015 [download]

• Various input file error checks are included.

• We are grateful for the use cases sent by Prof. M. Lieberman and Dr. Ke Ding, as well as Prof. M. Turner. In both of the cases, they ran PumpKin with parameters which led to underdetermined LP problem. In the version 1.3 we have included error check for this situation and our recommendation is to reduce the value of max_path. Meanwhile, we work on solution of the underdetermined LP cases.

    Version 1.2    30 Dec. 2014 

• Added compatibility with the latest version of Global_Kin.

    Version 1.1    06 Sep. 2014

• Added support for Global_Kin.

Global_Kin is a modeling platform for plasma chemistry using a global kinetics approach. Global_Kin can read the same input files as the HPEM and so can be used as a preprocessor to obtain initial conditions which are examined more rigorously with the HPEM. For the questions regarding Global_Kin contact Prof. Mark J. Kushner (contact email:  mjkush@umich.edu). 

• Minor code revision.

    Version 1.0    25 Oct. 2013

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